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Rant! Rant! Rant!

Herein lie signs of the steady decline of civilization as we know it.
In no apparent order.


Fox News — Fair, Balanced, and thinks Indonesia is frozen tundra. They need to stop taking geography lessons from
Saran Palin.

Yes, I'd like a slice of pepperoni, a manicotti to go and...
I WISH for the SAND on the side.

"BOTH", say it with me "BOTH" hands ;0)

While this entry is a bit different than the others I'd be remiss not to list them as a sure sign of decline. I myself have nothing bad to say about New Jersey, but this trend in "reality" TV makes my stomach turn. Such great role models they are, these twentysomethings earning $30,000 an episode to drink to the point of blacking out. "Spoiled" doesn't seem to cover it. 
     And then there are those so called "housewives". Entitled Egotistical Ex-cons, former "crack whores," and taste free debs who spend more a year on tacky plastic jewelry than my family makes in a lifetime. Where does the money come from? On second thought, I don't want to know.

At long last Studio 54 reopens in the outskirts of Bowling Green Missouri as a gentlemen's club, and I use the term "gentlemen" very loosely. Lots of parking space free for Liza's winnebago!

The same building 2 years later. No amount of holy water and Clorox is gonna wash away the sins.

Pardon the quality of my photo, I almost hit some guy while taking this picture. But seriously folks... is this sign really needed? I'd assume that running someone down with you car would already be considered a no no in most states without a road sign to tell me so. Are grannys in wheelchairs less and children on skateboards more?

Troy Missouri prepares for Jihad the only way they know how. Please don't attempt this at home, one could break a hip.

Because nothing goes with weapons like a nice cold Bud.
Coming soon Budweiser sponsored emergency rooms.

Nothing says healthy eating like Chubby's, plus you get the added pleasure of having food thrown at you.

Caution, eating these will cause a redness of the neck and an urge to date a family member, not to mention clogging of the arteries.


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